Toutalou! See ya later, Hangover

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Find out how Toutalou will revive you.

Enjoy the power of nature-made ingredients to help you feel better, instantly! Our flagship product, Revive, is made to remedy all the things you feel after a night of drinking. Say goodbye to your hangover.

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What’s inside?

Each pack of Revive comes with six all-natural wellness shots made to help you heal from within. From DHM to Kudzu Root, we chose the best ingredients designed to help your body…erh…handle your liquor.

How It Works

Does it actually work?

Yes!! All you need to do is take a Revive shot before the party. When you get home, knock another one back for extra help. And sorry, it won’t make you less drunk. Just less hungover the next day.

How Did We Think of This?!

Ok. Really though. Does it actually work?

Yessss. Here’s what our customers are saying.

Tou Ta Lou is a refreshing hangover remedy. It looks great, tastes great, and leaves you feeling revitalized. I love that it is in a glass bottle vs. plastic. i also love that it is all natural and I can even serve this to my gluten-free friends. I highly recommend this product! - Lino D.

Was skeptical about this product, but it actually worked! I got a case for my weekday client meetings/happy hours but am using it now for my virtual hangouts with friends! Re-upping soon! - Ted Kim

I usually get headaches when I drink and was in search of something that would prevent this. I tried this and it works!! Plus packaging is super cute and it tastes like berries - Anonymous