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Does it work?

Posted by Ludlow Kingsley Admin on

Yesssssssss. Here’s what our customers are saying.


  • I usually get headaches when I drink and was in search of something that would prevent this. I tried this and it works!! Plus packaging is super cute and it tastes like berries

    Anonymous on

  • Tastes like berries and dates which means it’s on the sweeter side which can be a good chaser mix in my opinion. Bottle does say to drink while drinking so why not! The product however does not contain dates but instead goji berries, berry juice, kudzu root, red sage, solomon’s seal, and B complex. This little bottle is my alternative to a Redbull (and vodka) just add some club soda and voila.

    MK on

  • It’s quite amazing that a little bottle can help you with a hangover. I remember the days of Gatorade and advil to help with hangovers. But this little bottle really does help. Follow the instructions and enjoy your night of fun! The next day, you’ll feel alert and revived. The taste is smooth, you can taste the berrie and root. The best part is sweet and no after taste. Give it a try and you’ll find this product as your new go-to remedy.

    The picture is what Toutalou looks like outside the bottle.

    Mr. Ice on

  • I can’t drink like I used to anymore without feeling terrible the next morning, so when I saw there was these tonic to prevent hangovers I had to try it.

    On Saturday I went to a friend’s engagement party and drank wayyyyyyy too much wine and mezcal and god knows what else! Stumbled home and drank two before bed. Next morning — Wow! I slept through the night (which I never do when I drink) and woke up feeling a-okay. Super impressed.

    Going to make this my go-to drink after my nights out in New York City. Thanks, Toutalou!

    Morgannae on

  • Taste great – just like juice! No funky aftertaste. I don’t really drink alcohol, but I’m keeping these in stock for when I need an immunity or energy boost and a GNO!

    Ace on

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