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Posted by Ludlow Kingsley Admin on

Yesssssssss. Here’s what our customers are saying.


  • I can’t drink like I used to anymore without feeling terrible the next morning, so when I saw there was these tonic to prevent hangovers I had to try it.

    On Saturday I went to a friend’s engagement party and drank wayyyyyyy too much wine and mezcal and god knows what else! Stumbled home and drank two before bed. Next morning — Wow! I slept through the night (which I never do when I drink) and woke up feeling a-okay. Super impressed.

    Going to make this my go-to drink after my nights out in New York City. Thanks, Toutalou!

    Morgannae on

  • Taste great – just like juice! No funky aftertaste. I don’t really drink alcohol, but I’m keeping these in stock for when I need an immunity or energy boost and a GNO!

    Ace on

  • Toutalou will now forever be a part of my weekend routine if drinks are on the menu! Lifesaver!

    Paige M.M. on

  • It worked! I drank a moderate amount of whiskey last night and woke up without the usual tiredness and fogginess.

    Peter Y. on

  • Typically, when I buy products like this, my wife looks at me and shakes her head. Because she knows that if I have a bottle of Pre-toxx, or whatever other hangover cure out there exists, I will double down on my efforts to challenge the product. I’ve tried other products where I just probably drank too much and it didn’t really help, but with Toutalou, it was incredible on how much it helped me minimize any next day pains. My hangovers typically come the afternoon following a night of overindulgence, and I took one before and after drinking. I waited the next day for the afternoon and the pain to follow, but to my surprise and delight, the pain never came. I was able to be a somewhat half-way responsible parent and play with my child with at least 80% of the regular vigor I’d be able to muster. Thanks Toutalou! I no longer have any excuses to get trashed with my immature friends from my younger high school years.

    Jeffrey J. on

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