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Our Story

Toutalou by Avery Arden Brands is a leading manufacturer of natural plant-based wellness shots based out of Los Angeles, CA. We are a firm believer that in today’s world, there are external factors that are constantly attempting to throw us out of our natural balance and harmony. Our formulas are created by top holistic doctors and labs in Taipei where our focus is using all of our resources to concentrate on research and creating the best products on the market.

To create the best products, requires us to have the best ingredients. For these reasons, we source only the highest premium ingredients from around the world that are natural, plant-based, non-gmo, gluten-free and cruelty-free. We take pride in our goal in responsibly creating a better living world and innovating products to help us reach our full potential!

Meet The Team

Hi, I’m Alissa! I am behind the social media accounts of TouTaLou. I am also the one sneaking into your inbox every once in a while with our newsletter emails! I get the fun job at TouTaLou, messaging and engaging with all our customers and seeing what fun things you make with our products. I love being so active with our TouTaLou community, so if you don’t already, give us a follow and join in the fun!

My Favorite Drink: Champagne, nice and simple!

Worst Hangover Symptom Toutalou Cures For Me: The Spinning, thank god TouTaLou Revive saved me from that roller coaster!

Blake has a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) from the Asper School of Business. He started marketing at a young age, with his first business venture at the age of 15. Throughout the years Blake has created marketing campaigns across many industries including adult beverages, tobacco, and automotive to name a few, as well as promoting parties all across Canada, and in Las Vegas. Blake's main focus is digital marketing, but he also has a large background in both experiential and traditional marketing. When Blake is not working he enjoys golfing, cooking gourmet dinners for friends, and playing guitar.

My Favorite Drink: Negroni

Worst Hangover Symptom Toutalou Cures For Me:

I don't feel as worn down the next day. Functioning at 85% instead of 50%.

Robin has traveled the world as a global sales manager primarily in Asia and Europe for the past 8 years. After returning full time to Canada in 2020 Robin joins the Toutalou team as a sales and business development specialist. With a passion for natural health, and first hand knowledge of Eastern wellness practices, working with Toutalou is a great fit. In her free time Robin enjoys living a natural health lifestyle, interior design, and anything outdoors with friends and family.

My Favorite Drink: Gin & Tonic

Worst Hangover Symptom Toutalou Cures For Me: The first hour waking up is infinatley easier when I drink Toutalou the night before. Often times I drink Toutalou after a long day regardless of drinking, I always feel better in the morning when I drink Toutalou as my nightcap!