Sun is out. Skies are blue...


…and you’ve just woken up from a night of fun wondering what version of hell you’ve arrived in. Your eyes can barely open. Your body feels like a shriveled up raisin of death. There’s a terrible taste in your mouth and the smell—oh the smell! It’s unbearable. What have you done??

You find yourself questioning everything. Is Wednesday wine night really worth it? Should I have had those beers at the game when I knew I had to work today? Do I really want to spend my entire weekend with this mind-splitting headache?? Will I ever drink again?!?



Listen. It’s ok. We never intend to do it to ourselves. Sometimes it’s a total freak accident. Other times, well, we were letting loose and didn’t care about having that third….or fourth…or…it doesn’t matter. What matters is hangovers suck, and no one knows exactly why. There’s a plethora of factors at work, and scientists still are not really sure which of them specifically contribute to alcohol’s awfully unfair after-effects. So, we decided to take this into our own hands.


An epic search for human revival.

We went on a quest in pursuit of the world’s best ingredients to remedy one of mankind’s most frustrating ailments—the hangover. This journey took us around the world, to many parties, with much suffering. But after years of trial and error, we finally discovered a cure that actually works. By combining ancient ingredients with natural roots, berries, and juices, we’ve created a pre-party wellness shot that is everything you’ve ever wanted and more. The party will remain the same, but the hangover is now optional.