Toutalou, germs.

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What’s inside?

Made with 15 of the highest quality herbs and roots, Immunity helps to keep your system in balance and performing optimally!

990mg Vitamin C

15 Premium Herbs

0g Added Sugar

37 calories

7g Natural Sugar

The showstopper ingredients.

We're a Super Team combined, but just as mighty individually!

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Your body will thank you.

We believe that life is a balance and that the energy within your body is constantly moving, adapting, and changing. To fully experience the optimal level of health & wellness, your body needs a perfect combination of harmony, energy, and balance. There are numerous external factors in life that throw off this balance and disrupt your natural occurring energy. Our proprietary blend of natural roots, herbs, and berries helps put you back in balance by replenishing lost vitamins and minerals, supporting healthy liver function, and boosting your mental clarity.

We don't believe in consuming ingredients that you can't pronounce or aren't organically produced from nature. For these reasons, we use only the finest plant-based herbal ingredients. Nothing Artificial, No Fillers. Just the highest quality formula that will have your body thanking you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve seen Immunity products before and they're primarily in gummy form, what makes Toutalou Better?

Being that our product is a natural plant-based supplement in liquid form, this allows your body to better absorb all of the plant-based herbal ingredients more effectively and quicker.

There’s a few immunity wellness shots currently on the market, but they’re all juice-based with 7-8 different juice concentrations in them. Why is this one primarily made with herbal ingredients?

Each of our plant-based herbal ingredients has individual defense benefits on their own and our labs, based on extensive research chose this combination of fifteen ingredients to create what we believe to be the most effective immunity product in the market.

What is the shelf-life of Toutalou Immunity?

Our product is good for 24 months but we’re sure it won’t take you that long to indulge in the benefits!

Can my Kids drink Immunity?

Yes, but only if your kids are over 3+. Also for Kids 3-12, we’d recommend drinking half a bottle a day and saving the rest for the next morning!

How Frequently should I drink Immunity?

Like the old adage says, 1 a day keeps the doctor away!

Why should I purchase Toutalou Immunity over the competition?

The natural occurring elements within all of our premium ingredients promote numerous benefits to circulatory, digestive,& respiratory systems of the human body. Our labs in Taipei have completed extensive research on the most effective combination of ingredients to create a superior formula for you, our customer. Last, but not least... it tastes amazing!